Matt Ridley’s opinion on climate change closely resembles mine

Less food for plants climate rally

I came across this fairly lucid article by Matt Ridley regarding the reality of climate change. It exemplifies the moderate approach to the topic that I feel is a voice of moderation and reason amid an increasingly polarized political battlefield:

Junk Science Week: IPCC commissioned models to see if global warming would reach dangerous levels this century. Consensus is ‘no’

My major complaint about the apparent consensus opinion regarding ACC is that among the current and potential environmental catastrophes, climate change at the levels predicted by the IPCC are not particularly catastrophic compared to many other problems.

For example; overfishing, deforestation, social inequality and poverty leading ultimately to environmental destruction, oceanic pollution, overfarming, overextraction of natural resources, etc.

These all pose real and present dangers both in localized environments and to the overall ability of the Earth to sustain those who walk upon it.

So, to me, every breath spent arguing whether or not we ought to have a carbon tax in Australia, every kilojoule of frothing temper spent arguing over the relative merits of atmospheric modeling algorithms, and basically every time that sense of disgust about this particular argument diverts energy and effort away from solving the salient environmental problems we are actually facing is a tragic waste.

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